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@jack reached a weekly BTC purchase limit of $10,000. I tBitcoin coingeckohink smart money has been invested in cheap BTC.

On February 22, the Ethereum Foundation announced that the Ethereum network plan will be upgraded when the block height reaches 280,000. The expected activation time is this Thursday (February 28, 2019), but the specific date will be announced. Factors such as block time and mining difficulty may be carried out within 1-2 days before or after this date.

The proof of reserve will become a standard function of Liquid to prove the reserve of L-BTC. In addition, we will provide technical support for all Liquid network users to help them install the tool in Bitcoin. To learn how to become a Liquid member, please send us a message or email.

USDT is not a new currency. It was founded in 2014 and has been online for trading in 2015. Before OKEX and Huobi Pro launched USDT, Bittrex, Poloniex, HitBTC, Binance, Kraken, Cryptopia, Liqui and other platforms could trade USDT. After the currency transaction, many investors are more concerned about how to convert their tokens into legal currency. The emergence of USDT provides a channel for everyone to exchange their held tokens into legal currency.

According to the IMEOS report, the news that BM wants to engage in new coins does not seem to be groundless and not without signs. According to its report, BM may develop a new universal anonymous currency. BM revealed in the telegram group that he and a dozen security engineers have evaluated the development of an anonymous digital currency plan, but it is still in the market investigation stage. The anonymous currency will have potential in gaming applications, with complete privacy, and there will be no risk of (information) being disclosed in the future; users can create tokens on their own; unless there are national resources to destroy its security; there is no censorship system. Moreover, the anonymous currency will maintain high performance. Each account can conduct 2 transactions per second; it can be confirmed in 0.2 seconds and is irreversible.

ZeroNoncense pointed out that Quadrigacx has not lost access to its Bitcoin private key, and has used multiple signatures, and the number of BTC held by Quadrigacx is significantly less than the 26500 BTC mentionedBitcoin coingecko in the testimony of the Canadian court.

On the other hand, the digital dollar has been severely constrained. Since the dollar is already the world's reserve currency, where is the value of the digital dollar? Is it more convenient for the United States to supervise the world or more convenient for the economic development of various countries? Its meaning must be the opposite of DC/EP. The digital dollar is more like a private chain, I supervise you, and you surrender to me; while DC/EP is more like a consortium chain in the early stage, with you in me, and me in you, for common development.

In 2003, Belgian economist Bernard Lietaer and Professor Gillian Schwartz of the University of São Paulo in Brazil who had served as economists at various public and private financial institutions including BankBostal submitted a supplementary currency proposal called Saber to the Brazilian government.

In December 2017, when the price of Bitcoin rose to nearly $19,000, the community began to worry about what to do if 1,000 people holding 40% of Bitcoin cash out at the same time. If large investors leave the market collectively and a large number of bitcoins are sold, it will lead to an oversupply in the market and a fall in currency prices, creating opportunities for malicious traders.

The biggest advantage of legal currency lies in its legal status, endorsed by the state, with authoritative guarantees, and at the same time occupying a dominant position in actual transactions. But the biggest risk of fiat currency lies in the instability of its issuing institution. For example, the devaluation of the fiat currency in Venezuela is crazy. Suppose you used $1 million to buy Venezuelan currency in 2013, and it is now worth less than $100. Not all legal currencies have a good store of value. In addition, the legal currency is facing inflation, which is relatively uncontrollable.