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As of November 23, the total scale of gray asset management reached 11.7 billion US dollars. The trading price of bitcoin Trust Fund (GBTC) was US $22.13 per share, up 4.19% from the previous day; the transaction price of Ethereum Trust Fund (ethe) was US $97.95, up 25.18% fromBitcoin slots the previous day.

According to ambcrypto on November 27, a survey of Indian investor sentiment by coindcx, the cryptocurrency exchange of India, shows that the lack of simple and seamless investment options is the biggest concern of potential crypto investors in the country. According to the majority of respondents, the average Indian crypto investor is a well-educated individual aged between 25 and 35. Despite their high level of education, 72% of respondents still believe that lack of knowledge and awareness is their biggest challenge in entering the encryption market. In addition, one of the findings showed that less than 5% of respondents thought encryption was useless. The rest of the respondents considered it an alternative asset class and therefore had great potential for wide adoption in the country.

According to glassnode data, bitcoin miners' transfer fees have fallen significantly in the past 24 hours. The current value was 0.064, and decreased by 41.4% in 24 hours.

According to oklink data, the average computing power of BTC in the past seven days is about 134.24eh/s, and the difficulty of the whole network is about 17.6t. The next prediction difficulty is 18.73t, and there are 8 days and 19 hours to adjust. The average 7-day average computing power of the mainstream currency increased by half; the average computing power of BTC rose by 1.42%; and the mining income of the mainstream currency rose in most cases.

BTC continued to fall in the afternoon, falling to 17650.15 usdt, down more than 6% during the day, and then rebounded. BTC in fire currency global station was 18345.57 usdt, down 2.39% in 24h.

According to glassnode, the number of eth held by exchanges has been declining since July, from 19000 in August to 15500 today. At the same time, the number of eth stored in smart contracts has been rising, fBitcoin slotsrom 11% in June to 16% now.

As bitcoin continues to look for local bottoms, traders should be patient, according to the daily hodl on December 10. He hopes bitcoin can maintain a key support range of $18500 to $18700. Once BTC falls below this level, the next level of support will be $17700.

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2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively 585.26usdt (- 4.93%), XRP is tentatively at 0.638usdt (- 0.57%), BCH is at 336.1usdt (+ 0.66%), LTC is at 86.22usdt (- 3.93%), EOS is at 3.456usdt (- 1.35%), BSV is tentatively at 200.01usdt (- 0