What happens to unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions

On November 25, Liu Changyong, founder of Zhimi University, said that the empty block attack and dust attack on bcha had stopped. The unknown computing power starts to pack up the large amount of dust transactions in the memory pool normally. BCH completed the bifurcation. The attacker is fully capable of organizing 51% attacks on bcha, but knows that BCH has reorganization protection, so it chooses empty block attack and dust attack. This may be the direct reason for the cessation of aWhat happens to unconfirmed Bitcoin transactionsttacks today. Thank the attackers and defenders for their drills, and finally return to rationality. The attack once again proved that BCH and bcha grew into the safest chain in the war. We also hope that BCH and bcha can prove themselves in the market and contribute to the success of cryptocurrency. According to the news earlier today, netizens revealed that the miners who hit the empty block on the bcha chain had begun to pack normally.

According to reports, waves is the ultimate cryptology currency platform for asset / custom token issuance, transfer and transaction. The name of the project was inspired by the recent discovery of gravitational waves, which represent gravitational waves that connect communities together. Waves hopes to provide a reliable and flexible color currency platform, focusing on crowdfunding, community projects, open source development, and connecting with existing payment networks.

Gate.io The live interview program "Friday analysis is the way" 20201204 has ended. In this issue, KOL is invited to be the currency circle Zhongda, and Gate.io The partner jiuer shared with the audience the current market situation and the views of many tokens. Zhongda of currency circle believes that the boosting effect of gray-scale holdings on the market may not be as high as expected. At present, the 20000 BTC is a relatively important psychological resistance level, which will not be easy to break through. In addition to informing the audience of the problems of high investment, slow cost recovery and unfriendliness to new players in the mining industry, the paper also discusses the recent and expected values of eth, LTC, link, EOS, etc currencies The trend of the deep share, but also proposed for novice investors, spot trading is still relatively stable and less risky operation.

Other business lines such as usdt contract, currency standard contract, hybrid contract and currency transaction will not be affected.

Gate.io The vote will end at 12:00 on April 12. In this round of voting, if fin gets 10 million votes, Gate.io When the online fin / usdt transaction is launched, users who participate in voting can share the airdrop of 40320fin, and participate in activities such as recharge, and there will be a $5000 airdrop reward.

3. Among the top 100 currencies in 24-hour market value, the top three were MCO (+ 45.92%), XRP (+ 32.02%) and Zen (+ 30.26%); the top threWhat happens to unconfirmed Bitcoin transactionse were strat (- 14.34%), waves (- 11.48%) and yfi (- 11.26%)

On November 26, curve, the stable currency exchange platform, officially announced that in view of the new growth in demand for secondary currency on curve, the community has launched a proposal to create a euro fund pool in curve. The main purpose of this fund pool (seur / EUR) is to develop chain liquidity and stimulate demand for other currencies on the Ethereum chain. The move is also part of a gradual opening of the foreign exchange market on curve, officials said.