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According to Caijing, Gu Yanxi, a researcher on blockchain and encrypted digital assets, said in an interview that at present, both usdt and usdc, GUSD, PAX and other compliant stable US dollar currencies are needed by the market. Because of the large demand, they have been extended to other fields. The difference is that usdc, GUSD, Pax, etc., as well as the soon to be released Diem stable currency are all compliant stable currencies. But usdt is not. It is only a matter of time before the US government willBitcoin Rhodium take measures against usdt.

According to the main data of K-line in aicoinpro Edition: from 08:45 today to 09:05 today, there were 6 transactions of BTC contracts in the current quarter, with a total of 23.9725 million US dollars of large orders, and the average purchase price was 18327 US dollars. At present, the contract price has risen to a maximum of $18834.

Exhibition time: December 5-6; exhibition address: Qingchuan Art Museum, Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

According to the official blog, makerdao is voting to update its voting contract dschief to version 1.2. If the proposal is approved, dschief 1.2 will prevent flash loans from being used for voting by ensuring that MKR tokens locked in voting contracts can only be unlocked in subsequent blocks. In other words, voters will no longer be able to borrow, lock, vote, unlock and repay MKR in the same block. Dschief 1.2 will greatly increase the difficulty and cost of governance attacks, as a sufficient number of mkrs need to be purchased to influence voting, rather than borrowing at a very low cost. This update will also restart governance features that freeze Oracle immediately and disable the clearing function in response to other potential threats to the agreement.

4. The first three currencies of 24-hour capital inflow: LTC (+ 21.5965 million US dollars), XmR (+ 15.3458 million US dollars), BNB (+ 10.4232 million US dollars); the first three currencies of 24-hour capital outflow: XRP (- 17.0448 million US dollars), BTC (- 15.3395 million US dollars), ETH (- 6.7433 million US dollars).

The official announcement of firecoin said that the contract platform of firecoin will launch usdt standard perpetual contract of comp, theta, OMG, xem andBitcoin Rhodium KSM varieties at 14:00 on December 16.

Chellitcoin is an open platform based on AOK main network, which provides the best global circulation settlement means and maximum settlement convenience for both supply and marketing sides, including blockchain system, application software and global services. The platform adopts tfos3.0 attestation mechanism and takes all measures to connect the most anonymous nodes, guarantee decentralization and mitigate all attacks. Through the incentive policy that enables Che to maintain the connection state, the pass holder can get more benefits when ensuring the health and safety of nodes.

It is reported that the five popular usdt standard perpetual contracts launched online are positive contracts, namely stable currency contracts, which use stable currency (usdt) as collateral assets without delivery date. The contract targets are the spot usdt index of corresponding digital assets, and the settlement time stamp is 0:00, 08:00 and 16:00 (GMT + 8), respectively. Users have realized profits and can make profits after settlement Extract immediately. For details, please refer to the notice on the official website of firecoin contract.

On December 8, bitcoin mining company vbit purchased more than 3000 S19 series ant mining machines, worth more than $8 million, according to an official tweet from bitcoin. It is reported that,