Bitcoin origin

As institutional capital poured into the bitcoin and its derivatives markets, CME bitcoin futures' open positions reached a record high of Bitcoin origin$976 million, according to coindesk on November 17.

Due to the official announcement of the upgrade of coflux (3615 000) on December 12, it is also expected that the upgrade will be carried out across the block chain (swonx) on November 15. For this reason, moonswap will temporarily shut down the cross chain deposit and withdrawal function, in which the online transaction of conflux will not be affected. The specific time of suspension is from 13:00, December 11 to 17:00, December 12, Beijing time.

As of December 7, tmtg enterprise HK Limited, a Hong Kong based cryptocurrency service provider, announced that,

Bruce Lee, a fan of microblog user BCH, has just published an article saying that there are two ways to apply for purchase in gray scale, one is cash entrustment and the other is physical deposit. 1. The way of cash entrustment is that the users hand over USD to gray level and entrust them to buy BTC in the open market. After six months, users can get the corresponding GBTC. 2. The way of physical storage is that the user saves his BTC to the gray level. After six months, users can get the corresponding GBTC.

In terms of LTC, firstly, the time of the currency's strength was ahead, but it was easily traversed by the latecomers such as XRP, ADA and XLM. Nevertheless, LTC's price activity is relatively high, and the volume price coordination is still good. Therefore, LTC is now in the stage of being ready for development, and its market expectation is different from that of XRP.

The chief executive of liquid, kayamori, announced on its website today that tBitcoin originhere was an invasion on the exchange on November 13. Intruders change DNS records, then take control of a large number of internal e-mail accounts, and eventually they are able to partially destroy the exchange's infrastructure and access stored documents. Kayamori said the attacker might have obtained the user's e-mail, name, address and encrypted password. Liquid is currently investigating whether attackers have accessed identity files and photos submitted to a client who knows you (KYC) for authentication. After discovering the attack, liquid intercepted and contained the attack and conducted a comprehensive review of the infrastructure, the company's chief executive said. He said: 'we can confirm that customers' funds are secure, MPC and cold wallets are secure and not compromised.

according to Data: at present, there are 12928 unconfirmed transactions in bitcoin, the computing power of the whole network is 131.60eh/s, and the 24-hour transaction speed is 3.52txs/s. The current mining difficulty is 17.60t. There are 10 days and 23 hours to adjust the difficulty. It is estimated that the next mining difficulty will be increased by 6.91% to 18.81t.