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According to whallealert data, at 05:34 Beijing time on December 12, tether company issued 150 million additional usdts in the wave field network. The transaction hash is ef7626a264925d046be27b11cBitcoin machines near me69daf8c78f387917766a0b180df6f6620b4241f. Paolo ardoino, chief technical officer of tether, said the wave field network replenished the stock of 150 million usdts. This is an authorized but unpublished transaction, meaning that the amount will be used as inventory for the next issue request.

At present, more than 98% of BTCs use the hosting + mapping scheme. In view of the smooth operation of these methods at present, there is no safety accident, and DFI continues to provide yield farming rewards, so the mint will be more willing, and its overall development momentum is still upward. At the same time, objectively, such cross chain not only improves the functions and performance of smart contracts for BTC, but also increases the total assets of Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, we think that there will be more BTCs entering the Ethereum network in the future, which may be an order of magnitude higher.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively 482.5usdt (+ 5.12%), XRP is tentatively at 0.2965usdt (+ 1.51%), BCH is tentatively at 251.6usdt (+ 0.89%), LTC is tentatively at 74.23usdt (+ 1.06%), EOS is at 2.668usdt (+ 0.15%), BSV is tentatively at 166.88usdt (+ 4.06%).

Focus on the support of $17800-18000 below, but in the long run, the correction can still be seen as an opportunity to do long. In addition, foreign media reported in the evening that Standard Chartered Bank will launch cryptocurrency transactions for institutional investors, and the bank's custody service and trade technology providers provide support for this. As an international bank providing financial related services to about 145 markets around the world, the aggregated trading platform provided by the bank can cater to investors in more countries and regions and greatly increase the market activity. Therefore, the long-term bullishness remains unchanged.

Wbfswap will carry out lucky turntable and Thanksgiving ceremony to turn out the activity, with many rewards. Users can pay attention to the WBF official website and official microblog, and pay attention to the activity trends. At present, the number of registered users of WBF platform has exceeded 5 million, with the highest daily life of 240000.

1. The total value of the global digital money market is 569.584 billion US dollars (+ 0.06%), and the 24-hour trading volume is 56.061 billion US dollaBitcoin machines near mers (- 7.45%).

In addition, Huo coin has also opened the mining activities of 400000 nsure new coins. During the period from December 8 to December 15, users will divide 300000 nsures according to their HT shares of locked warehouse, and the lock period is 7 days. In 7.9 seconds after the lock up activity was launched, 6 million HT fully participated in the lock up, and the annual reward rate is expected to reach 41.1%.

Wave network Market shows that BTC continued to pull up, breaking through 17600 usdt. 62usdt, up 6.44% in 24 hours.