Software Bitcoin wallet

BTC rose 1.03% in Software Bitcoin walletfive minutes, with an increase of $172.48, of which the current price on okex was $16926.71. Please pay close attention to the market trend and pay attention to risk control.

Pantera capital, a cryptocurrency investment firm, reported on its website on November 21 that the bitcoin shortage was real. The shortage of bitcoin is at the heart of the recent price surge, and most of the newly minted BTCs have been bought by PayPal. PayPal and cashapp are buying all the new bitcoin issues, according to Pantera.

According to the official news of Iost, Olympus v3.4.0, the main network of Iost, was officially released. The focus of this version is to support husd stable currency. This time, the main network of Iost will be updated in an incompatible way, and special judgment will be made on husd. Optimizations in Olympus v3.4.0 include: 1. RPC interface update; 2. IWallet command-line tool update; 3. Internal code upgrade to upgrade continuous integration on MacOS to go1.15. Through continuous iteration and update, the IOT main network will improve the experience and efficiency of developers in developing DAPP on the main network of Iost.

Xmex platform has officially established three major user rights and interests funds, namely, sliding point protection fund, abnormal price piercing protection fund and emergency protection fund, with the initial scale of 6 million US dollars.

Because of the existence of brick moving robots, these trading pairs are still active. UniSave will automatically resume when the unilateral market is over.

Fire currency stressed in the statement that the company's current operation is normal. The behavior of the we media platform and its actual operators has seriously infringed the reputation right of Huo coin, Software Bitcoin walletand caused a very bad impact. Huo coin vowed to investigate the legal responsibility of the media responsible person and the behind the scenes of the event through legal means, safeguard its own rights and interests, and recover the economic losses caused by the incident according to law.

2. Uniswap protocol said this afternoon, The website is temporarily unable to run normally. Two large uni token transfer transactions occurred before the outage.